MedLearn Publishing

MedLearn Publishing, a division of MedLearn Media, Inc., is a nationally recognized healthcare publishing and media firm specializing in all aspects of coding, compliance, reimbursement and the revenue cycle. For more than 30 years, MedLearn Publishing has delivered actionable answers that equip healthcare organizations to confidently meet their revenue and compliance obligations. Our clients access this information through a variety of resources, including publications, newsletters, and webcasts.

MedLearn is dedicated to fighting Non-Patient Outcome Spending (NPOS), especially in the areas of billing and compliance. NPOS is the sum of all non-frontline portions of hospital and clinic operations. You can count on us to walk you through recent and upcoming developments in niche coding, compliance and reimbursement— regardless of how complex and overwhelming they may seem. Our experts constantly watch the horizon for what’s coming, carefully research how you’ll be impacted, and articulate the steps required to keep your facility compliant and fiscally strong in a variety of settings.