Monkeypox Facts and Fiction

Monkeypox was largely unknown outside of the medical community—and the tropical African countries originally affected—before the recent global outbreak, with cases known in 70 countries.

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NPOS and the Supply Chain

MedLearn’s dedication to fighting non-patient outcome spending (NPOS) has traditionally focused on billing and compliance. Among the many pits into which NPOS money falls—staffing, inventory,

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Contrast Shortage Hits Radiology

Radiology is currently suffering from an unprecedented global shortage of iodinated contrast media. With the situation “outside the immediate control of the U.S. government,” the

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The Changing World of Telehealth

Telehealth is growing in RT, and so are audits and Non-Patient Outcome Spending. The ongoing (for now, anyhow) Public Health Emergency significantly expanded the role

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