Bryan Nordley

Bryan Nordley is a seasoned professional writer, strategist, and researcher with over a decade’s worth of combined experience. Bryan launched his professional health writing career at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, one of the top 30 faculty of medicine programs in the world, working under the School of Public Health as a communications assistant. From there, he expanded his expertise and knowledge into private healthcare and podiatry before taking the role of healthcare writer at MedLearn Media. Bryan is the lead writer for the MedLearn Publishing brand previously producing both the acclaimed radiology and laboratory compliance manager newsletter products, while currently writing the compliance questions of the week which reach over 10,000 subscribers, creating the MedLearn Publishing Insights blogs and collaborating with operations and nationally renowned subject matter experts, in addition to serving as an editor for a variety of MedLearn publications along with marketing initiatives. Bryan continues to keep his pulse on the latest healthcare industry news, analyzing and reporting with strategic insight.
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