BREAKING NEWS: Diagnosis Codes for 2024 Released

BREAKING NEWS: Diagnosis Codes for 2024 Released

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the ICD-10-CM codes for the 2024 fiscal year (FY) on Friday, June 16. This release included 395 additions, 25 deletions, and 13 revisions. The deletions are due to the expansion of the diagnosis codes. The total ICD-10-CM codes for FY 2024 is 74,044. These codes will be effective starting with Oct. 1, 2023 visits or discharges.

The distribution of code changes is shown in the table below:

1Infectious & Parasitic Diseases (A/B)Advancing Bugs100
2Neoplasms (C/D)Cancer/Death2120
3Diseases of Blood and Blood Forming Organs (D)Dracula000
4Diseases of Endocrine System (E)Endocrine1830
5Mental, Behavioral, & Neurodevelopmental Disorders (F)Freud000
6Diseases of Nervous System (G)“Gittery”2420
7Diseases of Eye and Adnexa (H)Hyphemia3410
8Diseases of Ear and Mastoid Process (H)Hearing000
9Diseases of the Circulatory System (I)Infarction1035
10Diseases of the Respiratory System (J)Just Gasping710
11Diseases of the Digestive System (K)Knot in Stomach1720
12Diseases of Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue (L)Lipoma000
13Diseases of Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue (M)Muscles3600
14Diseases of Genitourinary System (N)Nocturia1521
15Childbirth, Pregnancy, & Puerperium (O)Obstetrics610
16Conditions Originating in the Perinatal Period (P)Perinatal001
17Congenital Malformations, Deformations, and Chromosomal Abnormalities (Q)Quirky2226
18Signs & Symptoms (R)Readily Apparent1800
19Injury and Poisoning (S &T)Simply Traumatic1200
20External Cause of Morbidity (V, W, X, Y)Vehicle, Whoops, eXposure, and whY12300
21Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services (Z)Zero Problems3060
22Codes for Special Purposes (U)Unusual000
 Grand Total74,0443952513

The chapter with the largest update is Chapter 20, with 123 new codes. The expansion in this chapter pertains to foreign bodies, including button batteries, other, plastic objects, glass items, magnetic metal objects, non-magnetic things, rubber bands, food, non-organic items, and sharp objects entering into or through a natural orifice.

The Diseases of Musculoskeletal System chapter has the second-most changes, with 36 additions. Age-related and other osteoporosis with sites of left, right, and unspecified pelvis are the reasons for these changes.

Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa, Chapter 7, has 34 additions and one deletion. The new codes include non-proliferative/proliferative sickle-cell retinopathy, specific eye muscle entrapment, and foreign body sensation. The changes also include laterality.

The fourth-most changes are found in Chapter 21 (Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services), with 30 additions and six deletions. As stated before, the deletions are due to expanded diagnosis codes. The new codes include observation of newborn for suspected condition ruled out, carrier of Acinetobacter baumannii bacteria, encounter for prophylactic measures, family history of specific colon polyps, and caregiver’s non-compliance type. The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) have also been enhanced, with new codes for child custody and parental/adult-child conflict.

The new code topics can be found in the materials for the Coordination and Maintenance Committee meetings of March and September 2022. The presentations, recordings, and meeting materials can be found on the CDC website.

The ICD-10-CM guideline changes were not released with the new codes. That document is a coming attraction. The guideline changes and new code details will be discussed on Aug. 15 in an upcoming webcast.

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