CMS Releases C&M Agenda

CMS agenda for Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting lists 30 topics.

The Federal Register has published the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) agenda for the March 8 and 9 Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting. The agenda includes 30 topics of which 13 involve the administration of a medication and have requested New Technology Add-On Payment (NTAP) status. These thirteen topics will not be presented during the meeting, but CMS is requesting public comments regarding clinical questions or coding options. The comment period will end on April 8, 2022. Comments can be sent to

In addition to the Section X Updates and a review of Key Updates and Addenda, the following fifteen 15 items are included on the March 8 agenda:

  1. Implantation of Sphenopalatine Ganglion Stimulator for Ischemic Stroke*
  2. Gene Expression Assay**
  3. Vertebral Body Tethering*
  4. Percutaneous Femoral-Popliteal Artery Bypass*
  5. Computer-Assisted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation*
  6. Computer-Aided Analysis for the Detection and Classification of Epileptic Events*
  7. Facet Replacement Spinal Stabilization Device*
  8. Insertion of Sacropelvic Fixation System*
  9. Insertion of Implantable Vagus Nerve Stimulation System*
  10. Insertion of Paired Vagus Nerve Stimulation System*
  11. Percutaneous Venous Thrombectomy for Postthrombotic Syndrome*
  12. Quantitative Flow Ratio for Non-invasive Intraprocedural Analysis of Cardiac Angiography
  13. Application of Allogeneic Thymus Derived Tissue
  14. Supersaturated Oxygen Therapy
  15. Assistance with Precision Stimulation Software*

The * indicates that the requestor has submitted an NTAP application for FY23. The ** indicates that the requestor intends to submit NTAP for FY24.

The March 8 Coordination and Maintenance Committee Meeting will be a virtual meeting which will begin at 9:00 a.m. EST. The meeting will continue until the lunch break at 12:30 PM and will reconvene around 1:30 PM each day. The meeting will conclude at 5:00.  

The procedure topics will begin the meeting and will be led by CMS. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will lead the presentation and discussion regarding the diagnosis topics that will follow the procedure topics. The Zoom information is listed under Resources and will be the same for each day.  For attendees who want to attend and not comment, dial-in access is available. The dial-in numbers are:  669-254-5252 or 646-828-7666 or 833-568-8864 (Toll Free) and the webinar ID is 161 716 6586.   Registration information is available in Resources as well. Registration will provide a tracking mechanism for continuing education credits.

Remember that final decisions are not made at the Coordination and Maintenance Committee Meeting. Comments can be submitted after the presentations via email. The next step will be publication in Proposed Rule for Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) for FY23 which should be available at the end of April or May 2022.  

The final list will be published by July 1 to give vendors an opportunity to incorporate the changes into their products.  

Programming Note: Listen to Laurie Johnson’s Coding Report every Tuesday on Talk Ten Tuesday, 10 Eastern. 


CMS Agenda:


Zoom information:  and the passcode is 864061. 


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