NEWS ALERT: New ICD-10-PCS Codes and Guidelines Have Arrived

NEWS ALERT: New ICD-10-PCS Codes and Guidelines Have Arrived

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have released the new ICD-10-PCS codes and guidelines for the 2024 fiscal year (FY). There is a net increase of 73 codes, with a new total of 78,603 inpatient procedure codes. The largest increase can be found in the New Technology Section, which is receiving 40 new codes. The distribution of code changes is shown in the table below:

SectionFY23 April UpdateFY24 UpdateChange Volume
Measurement & Monitoring4224220
Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance & Performance5154+3
Extracoporeal or Systemic Therapies46460
Other Procedures7888+10
Nuclear Medicine4634630
Radiation Therapy2,0562,0560
Physical Rehabilitation & Diagnostic Audiology  1,380  1,380  0
Mental Health59590
Substance Abuse Therapy59590
New Technology303343+40
Grand Total78,53078,603+73

The Body Part Key has also been expanded to include appendiceal orifice for appendix, middle meningeal artery (intracranial portion) for intracranial artery, and chin for subcutaneous tissue and fascia of the face. The Body Part Key is an appendix for ICD-10-PCS.

The following devices were added to the Device Key:

  • EV ICD System (extravascular implantable defibrillator lead);
  • Aveir™ VR, as single chamber;
  • Flourish® Pediatric Esophageal Atresia Device;
  • Aortix™ System;
  • Vanta™ PC Neurostimulator; and
  • Intellis™ Neurostimulator.

The Substance Key has  Plazomicin added under Other Anti-infective. Angiotensin II, GIAPREZA™, and Human Angiotensin II, synthetic, have been added to Vasopressor.

There are too many changes in the New Technology Section to mention. This indicates that there will be many changes in the New Technology Add-On Payment (NTAP) for 2024.

There are six new tables in ICD-10-PCS in the New Technology Section, including:

  • X05 (New Technology Section, Nervous System, Destruction);
  • X2H (New Technology Section, Cardiovascular System, Insertion);
  • X2U (New Technology Section, Cardiovascular System, Supplement);
  • XNR (New Technology Section, Bones, Replacement);
  • XV5 (New Technology Section, Male Reproductive System, Destruction); and
  • XX2 (New Technology Section, Physiological Systems, Monitoring).

The ICD-10-PCS guidelines have been updated in response to public comment and internal review. Guideline B5.2b (Percutaneous endoscopic approach with hand assistance or extension of incision) was amended to include hand assistance, and temporary exteriorization of a body structure was added.

Another guideline that has been updated is B6.1a (General guideline) so that the example of “the device size is inadequate, or an event documented as a complication occurs” has been removed.

The ICD-10-PCS codes, guidelines, and New Technology Add-On Payments (NTAPs) will be reviewed in more detail on Talk Ten Tuesdays on Aug. 16, 2023.

Programming note: Listen to Laurie Johnson when she reports this story live today during Talk Ten Tuesdays, 10 Eastern, with Chuck Buck and Dr. Erica Remer.

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