Thanksgiving Letter from the Publisher

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

We here at RACmonitor and ICD10monitor would like to take the opportunity today to wish you and your families a very happy and memorable Thanksgiving.

I personally hope —that against a backdrop of war news coming out of Ukraine and the constant reminder of the agony suffered by so many of our fellow citizens, as America continues to battle inflation and its toll on so many families— we can find small yet significant reasons for which to be grateful.

For me, I’m grateful for the many dedicated healthcare givers with whom I have had contact this year, fondly remembering the professionalism and compassionate care I received from them.

I am grateful that my two adult kids are modestly flourishing in the life choices they have made. I’m grateful for my neighbors, who, although living in a state of anonymity fostered by the large residential complex in which we live, are pleasant and helpful – and so very considerate.

And finally, I’m most grateful for the opportunity to be in contact with you, albeit mostly virtually, through our news service and broadcasts. I thank you for your loyalty and your companionship.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving.


Chuck Buck
RACmonitor/ICD10monitor Publisher


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