Total Knee or Total Consternation?

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Trending Hot Topic Broadcast
10-10:30 a.m. ET; 7-7:30 a.m. PT

Mary Beth Pace, RN, BSN, MBA, ACM, CMAC
Vice President, Care Management
Trinity Health

Nancy Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC;
David Glaser, Esq.;
Ronald Hirsch, MD, FACP, CHCQM;
Betty Lengyel-Gomez; and Jeffrey Pilger, MD

Should total knee replacements (TKRs) be performed as inpatient or outpatient procedures? Some facilities are admitting all of them as inpatient while other facilities take a more conservative approach to admission. How are TKRs being handled at your facility?

Mary Beth Pace, vice president of care management at Trinity Health and the special guest on the next edition of Monitor Mondays, frames the conundrum as a hypothetical patient/caregiver conversation: “we are going to do major surgery on you, but we are not sure if we will keep you after surgery – and oh, by the way, there will be a copay and deductible either way, we don’t know which one. But don’t worry, it will be a good thing to have your knee in working order again.” Tune in to the broadcast when she reports on how TKRs are admitted at Trinity.

Also reporting on this timely subject will be Jeffrey Pilger, MD, a board-certified lead physician advisor affiliated with St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood in Edgewood, Ky.

The broadcast rundown also will include:

  • Monday Rounds: Ronald Hirsch, MD, vice president of R1 Physician Advisory Services, will be making his Monday Rounds with another installment of his popular segment.
  • Hot Topics: Monitor Mondays senior correspondent Nancy Beckley, president and CEO for Nancy Beckley and Associates, will have all the latest developments on the therapy caps. She will also have the Monitor Mondays Listener Survey.
  • Office of Civil Rights Report: Rita Bowen, with MRO, is a nationally recognized healthcare privacy expert. Bowen will report on the latest initiatives by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR), including updates on the HIPAA Audit Program, patient access guidance, and resolution agreements.
  • Risky Business: Healthcare attorney David Glaser with Fredrikson & Byron will share another example of a potentially troublesome issue that could pose a risk to your facility.
  • Prior Authorization: Betty Lengyel-Gomez with the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA) will report on research HATA has conducted to remove barriers to the adoption of prior authorization transactions. Lengyel-Gomez is the industry relations and regulatory compliance director for MedInformatix.


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