Where Do the Rights of the Non-Vaccinated End?

Somehow, we have turned vaccinations into a political issue.

A total of 10,752 fellow Floridians were recently confirmed to have COVID-19. Let’s consider that this only includes people who were tested and got a positive result, or presented at a hospital for assistance.

Here in Florida, our governor argues that private businesses, like the cruise line industry, can’t require that only vaccinated people be allowed on ships. State law won’t allow companies in the cruise industry to require proof of vaccination, however, they can require a passport.

In the work environment, the non-vaccinated are demanding that they be allowed to work even if they are not vaccinated. They won’t wear a mask or give those of us who are vaccinated leeway to choose how close we want to be to them.

Most healthcare providers require that employees be vaccinated against certain other diseases, like tuberculosis. We stopped the spread of diseases like polio and smallpox through vaccination. We require that children get vaccinated against a myriad of diseases before they can enter school.

Somehow, we have turned vaccinations into a political issue. Sadly, the virus does care about political party. We are on the verge of thousands of more needless deaths. Our struggling businesses are faced with terrible choices. 

So my question is this: do I really have the right to endanger my fellow citizens by not being vaccinated, and refusing to tell those around me of my decision? Do I have the right to work in healthcare and other essential industries, under these conditions?

As an added question, does this mean that I have the right to exempt children and myself from getting regular vaccinations that have saved the lives of millions?

Finally, are we going to see the return of dozens of diseases like polio, as the non-vaccinated exercise their right to be wrong?

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