Cardiology Question for the Week of January 30, 2023


We’ve heard there is a new modifier effective this year, is this true? If so what does it report?


Yes, the new modifier is called the JZ modifier. Use this modifier when reporting drugs from a single or packages use vials that are separately payable drugs by Medicare Part B when there is no discarded amount. In other words, the entire single-use vial drug was administered. The JZ modifier is effective January 1, 2023, but will be mandatory July 1, 2023. Medicare will begin claim edits beginning October 1, 2023. The logic behind creating the JW and JZ modifiers (per CMS) is to track separately payable drugs from a single-use vial/packages. So when does the JZ modifier apply as opposed to the JW modifier? When administering part of the drug, the JW modifier should be appended on the discarded amount as noted above. When the entire single-use vial/packages are administered with no discarded drug, append modifier JZ on the drug code.


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