Our interventional cardiologist deployed a bare-metal stent within the LAD and performs angioplasty within both the LC coronary artery and the RCA. How would we code this?


For a physician setting, code 92928-LD, 92920-LC, 92920-RC. For a hospital setting code 92928-LD, 92920-LC, 92920-RC. Three primary codes are used because three separate coronary vessels are treated. Current coding rules state that you must have a single base/initial vessel code in each of the five primary coronary arteries before add-on codes are assigned, therefore the stenting of the LAD is reported with code 92928. The angioplasties of the LCX and RCA are each reported with code 92920. No C-codes are assigned by the hospital for stenting as a drug-eluting stent was not placed.


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