What is the difference between CPT codes 93005 and 93041?


Code 93041 defines what is commonly known as a “rhythm strip.” This is based upon only a few of the different leads used for a full electrocardiogram (EKG). Code 93005 is the full EKG. This diagnostic study is also known as a 12-lead EKG. Even though a rhythm strip may also be performed as part of a 12-lead study, it is not appropriate to assign CPT code 93041 with code 93005. In this scenario, assign only CPT code 93005. Both 93041 and 93005 require an order and medical necessity.

93041 Rhythm ECG, 1-3 leads; tracing only without interpretation and report
93005 Electrocardiogram, routine ECG with at least 12 leads; tracing only, without interpretation and report

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