Is follow-up angiography separately billed when performed with intracranial embolization? Do you have any other tips for reporting 75898 or 61624?


Follow-up angiography IS separately billed when performed with intracranial, CNS, and head or neck embolization procedures. Understand if submitting embolization surgical code 61626, regardless of the number of follow-up studies done, only one unit of 75898 may be submitted per operative field. If submitting CPT 61624, each separate follow-up study performed and defined may be separately coded. Documentation must be specific (i.e., not vague) when multiple units of this code (75898) are considered. Terms such as “multiple” or “several” are non-specific. Physicians are encouraged to use a numeric representation. For example: “Following placement of 5 GDC coils, follow-up angiography was performed after placement and deployment of each device.” Be aware, payers may limit the number of units of CPT 75898 submitted. MUE and MAI values are updated on a quarterly basis, be certain to review these updates as they become available.

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