Please help me understand when it’s appropriate or not to charge for post-processing 3D imaging.


76376 is reported when 3d post-processing is performed on the scanner and doesn’t require an independent workstation; 73677 is reported when 3D post-processing is performed on a separate independent workstation. These codes are for post-processing 2D images into volumetric images including complex renderings such as shaded surface rendering, volumetric rendering, quantitative analysis (segmental volumes and surgical planning), and maximum intensity projections when such renderings can be performed on the scanner or when it requires the use of an independent workstation. Coronal, sagittal, multiplanar, and/or oblique techniques are not 3D post-processing techniques, and 76376 or 76377 should not be reported when that is what is documented. Both must be performed under concurrent supervision, which means that the physician must be actively involved in the process. He doesn’t have to actually do the post-processing – a trained technologist can do it under the doctor’s supervision, but the physician must be actively involved in the process including: You can’t report 76376 or 76377 with CTAs, because CTAs require and include 3D angiographic reconstructions. You also can’t report these codes with nuclear medicine codes.


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