Radiology Question for the Week of January 30, 2023


How do you determine the appropriate code to report an MRI of the foot? Should it be reported as an MRI of the lower extremity joint or as an MRI of the lower extremity non-joint?


Per Clinical Examples in Radiology, Spring 2007: “Reporting an MRI of the foot is dependent on the specific indication for the study and the study that was performed. For example, if an ankle study is ordered and a decision is made to expand the field of view for whatever reason to include more of the foot, then only a lower extremity joint study (73721, 73722, or 73723) should be reported. However, if a new set-up and new coil are used with new parameters, then it would be appropriate to report two separate CPT® codes, i.e., a lower extremity joint code (73721, 73722, or 73723) and a lower extremity non-joint code (73718, 73719, or 73720). The specific CPT code choice is based on whether contrast was administered.”

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