Radiology Question for the Week of May 30, 2022


Are there any more changes to E/M coming in 2023?


Yes, more revisions are expected for E/M codes in 2023. According to the ACR, “Additional revisions will be made to the E/M codes in 2023. The revisions are a result of the E/M workgroup’s agreement to standardize the rest of the E/M sections in the CPT® code set following the Panel’s acceptance of the revisions to the E/M office or other outpatient E/M codes (99202-99215) for the CPT 2021 code set.” The panel review revealed that two sets of guidelines were made available in the 2021 and 2022 sets. One of the sets comprised office or other outpatient E/M codes and the other represented any codes remaining. The end result was an increased administrative burden for physicians, QHPs, and coders, “who have to divide E/M reporting across separate code families.” The revisions will leave the codes more in sync with the rest of the E/M sections in the CPT code set.

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