We performed a whole-body octreotide exam with SPECT. Since the imaging took place over two days, would we assign 78804 and 78803? Is the time frame the only difference between 78804 and 78802?


If you did whole-body imaging over two days along with a SPECT scan, then, yes, you report the following codes:

78804 Radiopharmaceutical localization of tumor or distribution of radiopharmaceutical agent(s); whole body, requiring 2 or more days imaging
78803 tomographic (SPECT)

The only difference between 78802 and 78804 is that you would report 78802 when whole-body imaging is performed on one day, and 78804 is reported when it is performed on two or more days. In either case, it is appropriate to report SPECT in addition to the whole body scan.


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