What are the differences between G0237, G0238, and G0239?


G0237 involves therapeutic procedures specifically targeted at improving the strength and endurance of respiratory muscles (pursed-lip breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, and paced breathing). G0238 involves a variety of activities including teaching patients strategies for performing tasks with less respiratory effort and the performance of activities intended to increase endurance and strength if upper and lower extremities. The codes G0237 and G0238 are to be billed for every 15 minutes of direct one-to-one activities or procedures. G0239 represents group situations where two or more patients are simultaneously receiving services such as those described above for G0237 and G0238. G0239 is not a timed code and should be reported only once a day for each patient in the group. Groups are limited to a ratio of not more than one (professional) to four (patients). G0239 should be billed only once per session per discipline.

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