Do you have any tips for reporting 95808?


For most PSG studies, patients will be required to spend at least six hours (probably 8–10 hours) overnight in the sleep lab. The intent of the study is to monitor multiple physical functions while the patient sleeps. PSG helps to evaluate the cause of excessive daytime sleepiness, insomnia, or unusual spells that may occur during sleep. In some instances, other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy may be diagnosed. The code description specifies that this is an “attended” study. Attended means that the technologist will be physically present in the area where the study is being conducted in order to respond as needed at the bedside. To bill for a PSG, sleep must be recorded and staged. The code description for the attended sleep study specifies the components to be recorded during the procedure. It is not appropriate to unbundle and bill separately for these procedures. When less than six hours of recording occurs, report the service with modifier 52 (reduced service).

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