Respiratory Question for the Week of February 18, 2019


Is there a CPT code to report when a respiratory therapist provides instruction on how to use incentive spirometry in a physician’s office?


CPT code 94014 references reinforced education, but the intent of the code is specific to patient-initiated spirometric recording per 30-day period.  Education for use of peak flow meter or incentive spirometer would not meet the requirement of the code. Patient-initiated spirometric recording per 30-day period of time; includes reinforced education, the transmission of spirometric tracing, data capture, analysis of transmitted data, periodic recalibration and review and interpretation by a physician or other qualified health care professional.

CPT 94664 addresses demonstration and evaluation of a device but does not list peak flow meter or incentive spirometer as one of the covered devices.

94664Demonstration and/or evaluation of patient utilization of an aerosol generator,  nebulizer, metered dose inhaler or IPPB device

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