Nuclear Medicine

Radiology Question for the Week of January 17, 2022

Can you provide the correct code for a nuclear medicine scan of the salivary gland? The patient was reported with a right parotid lesion. Images were taken from the head to neck using Tc 99m, and 17 minutes after the injection two ounces of lemon juice were given. Would 78800 be the appropriate code to assign?

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Radiology Question for the Week of June 21, 2021

Our physician from nuclear medicine wants to charge a consult when he meets with the patients before doing leutathera treatments. He states that he has to see the patient and review their labs and make sure that the plan of care from oncology is something that the patient is able to withstand. Sometimes after the review of this information, he will change the plan of care.
I’m not sure if this visit is something that would be included with the administration of the therapy (I’m thinking the CPT would be 79101?) Do you have any input on whether a consult would be something that would be medically necessary for him to provide the treatment? He thinks it is medically necessary for him to meet with the patient and review all of their labs before he could approve their therapy. He stated that he had spent 40 minutes with the patient that he had yesterday. To me, I would think this would be included with the therapy, but I don’t find anything in writing that I can point to.

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