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What can go wrong with your cardiology coding and billing? Plenty, and the potential for errors and omissions grow with each passing year. Why? Because the complexities are ever-increasing, as are payer expectations for assignments, accurate coding, proper modifier, and complete documentation. Even more, cath lab, cardiovascular and CRM services are rapidly expanding with new medical technology. New code, new rules, and new documentation guidelines mean risk for lost revenue and increased focus from auditors. 

Put the proven cardiology resources from MedLearn Publishing to work for your facility — you’ll worry less about missed revenue opportunities or over-billing, allowing you to concentrate on making the most of every opportunity.


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Article from the Author

Article from the Author

A Look at Subject Matter Expert Laurie Johnson

For the last 30-plus years, MedLearn has earned and maintained a reputation for reliability in the mercurial and unpredictable world of coding and compliance. In our mission to cut Non-Patient Outcome Spending (NPOS), we’ve sought out the top experts in the medical coding realm.

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