Radiology Question for the Week of July 11, 2022

We received an order from a referring physician that requested an ultrasound (US) thyroid for nodule assessment and a US soft tissue for a submental mass palpable on the exam. The facility coder believes that the facility should get two charges. The interpretation covers both areas in one report. It is my understanding that head and neck (CPT® 76536) would cover both of these assessments. Am I correct? The evaluation is performed for two separate reasons, but the imaging is of the neck.

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Radiology Question for the Week of July 4, 2022

Can we report 77067-52-LT and 77065-RT together for a screening mammogram on the left breast and a diagnostic mammogram on the right breast? The patient feels a lump in her right breast, but it’s time for her annual screening mammogram so her doctor wants to complete a screening on the left side.

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