General Question for the Week of August 28, 2023


What is the difference between concurrent and sequential infusions?


Concurrent infusions are the simultaneous infusion of multiple drugs/substances, or multiple drugs/substances mixed in the same bag administered simultaneously, through the same access site. These are billed once per encounter, regardless of the number of concurrent infusions. No time increments apply to concurrent infusions and the billing of additional hours does not apply to concurrent infusions. There is no CPT® option for concurrent administration by SQ/IM or IVP injection and there is no CPT option for concurrent chemotherapy administrations. Sequential infusions are drugs/substances that are administered back-to-back, or one after another, through the same IV access site as the initial infusion. For sequential infusions, there should be clear indications in the documentation of one drug/substance ending and the next one beginning. These are billed once per different drug/substance administered and time increment rules do apply. Additional hour(s) of administration are billable for sequential drugs/substances.

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